Anger Will Grow As Dead Bodies Pile Up!

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The Stockholm Syndrome Goes Universal

The Stockholm Syndrome is a mental disorder where hostages or abductees develop a bond with their abductors, coming to sympathize or agree with them. It was first coined after a bank robbery in Stockholm in 1973, but it soon became more widely used for Patty Hearst, who allegedly joined those who kidnapped her in 1974. The Hearst event was a big fake, of course, but the Stockholm Syndrome is a real thing, as we now know firsthand with the fake Covid crisis.

Textbooks tell us the syndrome is rare, with only 5% of hostages falling to it, but that percentage hasn’t held true in the past year as we have seen nearly 99% of the population exhibiting some signs of it.

I say this because you have been hostage to this fake crisis and those who staged it. A majority still are, as we are seeing this week here in New Mexico most people are still wearing masks even though they are not required to. As you may know, the CDC dropped its mask
mandate for vaccinated people last Thursday, and our Governor immediately dropped the mandate statewide. Stores are no longer required to enforce the wearing of masks for anyone, vaccinated or not, HOWEVER, ALMOST ALL CUSTOMERS ARE CONTINUING TO WEAR MASKS ANYWAY.

I have celebrated by going on a shopping spree, not really buying much, but just going store to store maskless for the fun of it. I am the only one in most stores without a mask.

How could this be? It would be like opening all the doors in a jail and telling the inmates they are free, but finding they still prefer to huddle in their cells for safety. You say people are still afraid of the bug. The TV has got them believing that the unvaccinated like me are a danger to them, so they have to continue to be cautious. But I don’t believe that is what is going on. It can’t be, because it makes no sense. If the vaccine works—and we are assured is it something like 97% effective (same as condoms, by the way)—then the vaccinated have nothing to fear from the unvaccinated and they should be joyfully removing their masks now, no matter what the unvaccinated choose to do.

Since more than 50% are vaccinated here, we should see 50% not wearing masks in
stores. Instead, we see less than 1%.

I think what we have here is the continuation of a mass Stockholm Syndrome event, with most people adopting the psychology of their captors. Rachel Maddow at MSNBC admitted that her brain would have to be rewired to not look on the maskless as sick and dangerous.

Since the majority of people have successfully had their brain wired by TV, only TV can rewire them, and that will take time. It will take a period of brainwashing in the other direction, and that stage in history has not been entered into yet. Since most people cannot break their bonds on their own, they will need months of therapy to get back to 2019 levels of sanity.

Only the few like me who were never hypnotized from the start can take off the mask with no trauma. I have hated my captors all along, and hate them more now than ever. I never even bought a mask, using only a bandana in direst need, and I have no attachment to it, I assure you. But I think most people are going to be dizzy from over-oxygenation for a while. Their brains have been used to surviving on the oxygen levels of an alien moon, and will have to re-adjust to normal levels.

I am already back to normal, since I never left normal. But I hate to say that I think with most people, normal may never return. Not for the reasons given by the mainstream media, but for other reasons entirely. They have allowed themselves to be permanently scarred by offering too little resistance to it. They can never look at themselves in the old ways again, because they can no longer pretend they are the rebels or freethinkers they thought they were.

The “question authority” bumper sticker is off the car and can never go back on. All the woke liberals are finding out, or will soon find out, that they were neither woke nor liberal. This past year has been a worldwide test, and the failure levels were massive.

Under pressure, we saw an amazing thing: the liberals acted conservative and the
conservatives acted liberal. Meaning, the so-called left side of American politics utterly caved to fascism. They have loudly embraced censorship, speech limitations, and authoritarian dictates and the main reason they did so, beyond being brainwashed under this Stockholm Syndrome, is that they enjoyed being petty tyrants, following illogical and ad hoc rules and enforcing them on others. It gave them a faux-power they had not been able to earn by genuine means, and it went to their tiny heads.

So they will have to learn to live with that for the rest of their lives. They will have to adjust their self images accordingly. But I predict that, rather than do that, they will simply huddle with those of their own sect because they can’t really socialize with us anymore, since we have their number.

In future, in just about any discussion, when push comes to shove, all we have to do is say something like, “wait, weren’t you one of the ones who thought masks and vaccines were a good idea? Weren’t you one of the ones who trusted WHO and the CDC and the NIH and Fauci? Weren’t you one of the ones cheering when Trump—as standing President—got censored by Twitter and Facebook? Weren’t you one of the ones who permanently damaged your children with masks, while pigheadedly claiming we were the dangerous ones? Weren’t you one of the ones whose friends, neighbors, and family members dropped dead of the vaccine, or were maimed by it, while you stood by and cheered for it? Weren’t you one of
the ones who used to tell us what a great philanthropist and humanitarian Bill Gates was?

Yes, I think you were!

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