Bill Gates Hired BLM Students To Count Ballots In Battleground States

Sunday, November 15, 2020 by: Ethan Huff

(Natural News) To ensure that Joe Biden “won” most of the key battleground states, Bill Gates and others in positions of influence replaced veteran poll workers with “young black students,” also known as Black Lives Matter (BLM) terrorists, who committed election fraud for pay.

According to reports, Gates and his cohorts scared the veteran poll workers into fearing infection with the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19), opening the door for young black activists to swoop in and thieve votes for Biden, securing his media-declared “victory.”

“The excuse of COVID-19 was used to scare some elderly poll workers into bowing out and being replaced by these ringers,” writes Shane Trejo for Big League Politics.

The Campus Vote Project, a wing of the Fair Elections Center, received funding from the New Venture Fund to hire on these “young black students” as poll workers. The New Venture Fund, in case you are unfamiliar with it, received more than $94 million from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, as well as from other globalist special interest groups such as the Ford Foundation and the Hewlett Foundation.

NBC News first spilled the beans about the “young black students,” indicating that this “diverse group of thousands of younger Americans, ranging from 16-year-old high schoolers to college students” had been tasked with “stepping in as poll workers across the country during early voting and on Election Day.”

Once installed, these “young black students,” with the help of the Poll Workers Project and The Poll Hero Project, engaged in what now appears to be a widespread vote fraud campaign that is trying to steal the election for Biden.

Basketball player Lebron James was also involved in the sham, having worked with both the NAACP Legal Defense Fund and Power the Polls to recruit more young black people to work the polling places in nearly every urban enclave where the vote counts appear to be rigged.

Bill Gates should be charged with treason

Gates, by the way, has thus far gotten what he wanted with the declared Biden “win.” The billionaire eugenicist was quick to celebrate the results being reported by the media, which has already installed Biden as the “president-elect.”

What this means, of course, is that Gates is complicit in committing treason against our nation. His money and involvement resulted in multiple states being declared for Biden, handing him a “victory,” even though obvious election fraud took place that necessitates further investigation.

In Nevada, for instance, whistleblowers who have signed sworn affidavits say they observed Gates’ “young black students” telling people who were trying to vote without proper identification to simply apply for whatever they needed from the DMV and bring along the paperwork, even though this is legally unacceptable advice.

“We were told by (my team leader) and two other assistants to advise people who wanted to register to vote and did not have the proper Nevada ID/Driver’s License, that they could go out in the parking lot and make an appointment with the DMV to get a Nevada ID/Driver’s License, and then bring in proof of their appointment confirmation (either a paper copy or shoot it on their phone to us) and then they could be registered,” one of the whistleblowers indicated in a deposition.

“They were then permitted to vote with a provisional ballot, even though their appointments were not until January of 2021. We were told this was being allowed all over the Valley, at all polling places.”

In another instance, a whistleblower witnessed two people opening up mail-in ballot envelopes, filling them out and signing them, and putting them back into official pink and white envelopes as if they were being mailed in from legitimate voters.

“I regularly saw people walking in with multiple ballots,” this whistleblower contends. “We were not allowed to talk to the monitors or observers. We were not supposed to say anything ever to the observers.”

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