Bill Whittle: 14 Core Points for Election Integrity!

Bill Whittle spells out the recipe for fair elections, taken from STATE LAWS and STATE REGULATIONS and condenses it in 14 points here:

1. Voting process open for observation while preserving voters’ privacy
2. All voting material must have a secure chain of custody at all times
3. All votes, regardless of method, must be held to equal standards. Dominion machines don’t count one vote as one voice but fractionalize them
4. Only votes with current, qualified, government-issued ID can be counted
5. Voter’s ID and signature MUST be recorded in a permanent record
6. Voting ballot must have a format readable and interpretable by the naked eye
7. Ballots must have designs to prevent counterfeiting. Don’t we do that much for… money?
8. An auditable system for tracking the status of each ballot must be implemented and preserved in each state of origin, including the spoiled ones
9. Ballot tabulations must be undertaken and tabulated by TWO, INDEPENDANT and UNRELATED systems, not in any way connected to the internet
10. BEFORE the result of an election can be certified, the ballot count must be reconciled with the voter records
11. Lists of unqualified voters must be PURGED 180 days BEFORE an election. People died or moved? Voters’ list must remove them from the state
12. Laws and regulations governing an election may NOT be changed after 180 days before an election
13. All elections records and ballots should be retained for no less than 22 months after an election (average time required to investigate fraud)
14. Voter registration and information must be verified PRIOR to the vote being counted.

Personally, I would add a #15: Voter fraud is a crime from the bottom up. If we don’t eliminate the rot from its foundation (indifferent, apathetic, ignorant or imbecile termite citizens), the entire building will crumble regardless if the roof was made of gold.

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