Body Doubles, Clones or Masks… You Decide!

55 2 By Medeea Greere Tuesday, February 23, 2021

Walk with me on a journey, a journey through reality and speculation. One that will leave you both questioning reality, and existence. This is not a typical thread for me in subject matter, but you will still see plenty of pictures. Might sneak a map in too. Why Double Star? Well, it’s the title of a book by one of my favorite SF authors, Robert A Heinlein. The Cliff notes are an actor is recruited to play a head of state that suddenly dies. Ok that’s a pretty strong hint where we are going tonight. Not the only place, this will wend in a couple of directions, but it should keep your mind in the game. I want to start by thanking a couple of Anons for helping me with this. I robbed pictures from them without remorse, and they were willing accomplices. Hmm.. that makes me think that we are being directed. Perhaps all of those ads popping up aren’t coincidental after all. I love the indirect nods that we are going in the right direction! Also: List of Indictments, Arrests and Executions – Dismantling the Deep State Operatives and Doubles. January 29, 2021 So, I got to thinking about how many people have been accused of using body doubles or clones. Now I’ll say right here and now, I have a hard time swallowing the clone thing. Is it possible? Absolutely. Is it practical? Eh… not so much for a number of reasons. But I won’t get into that now when we have an easy, and VERY effective solution at hand. Full masks. Hollywood FX industry has been using them for decades, and they can be made to be exceptionally realistic.

So much so, that if you weren’t comparing people side by side, often you would miss the little detail differences. If the retail ones are as good as above, how good do you think the pro ones are?? So lets look at a pile of comparisons. Starting with Joe “the Gaff” Biden.

Bill Clinton


Bill and Melinda Gates

The Notorious RBG

Kamala Harris


Don Lemon

Lori Lightfoot

A Merkel, Biden, Gates collage



I hesitate to add this, but in the interest of openness and honesty, Mike Pence. I have to look at ALL the facts, even the ones I might not like.


And lastly, Zuckyberg

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