Covid 19 Test Kits Shipped In 2017 To Most World Governments

Dr. Fauci had Coronavirus smuggled into China on or about 2015 and sent the Chinese Bio-Weapon Wuhan lab millions of dollars to further weaponize it.

The COVID-19 pandemic was planned out long before 2020. How do we know this? Dr. Fauci announced in 2017 that there would be a major pandemic during the Trump administration. Furthermore, COVID test kits were shipped to ALL GOVERNMENTS THAT ARE MEMBER STATES OF THE UNITED NATIONS. This also occurred in 2017. Bill Gates orchestrated a fake pandemic symposium (Event 201) in October of 2019, just three months prior to the breakout.

The World Integrated Trade Solution (WITS) website tracks world trade and catalogs the names of things being shipped and charged tariffs. Here we see that COVID-19 test kits were being shipped throughout the world during 2017 and 2018.

Then, politicians around the world were caught selling off their stocks at the top of the market in early February 2020 just before the outbreak (outside of China), and nobody knew where their INSIDER INFORMATION came from. Secretary of STATE POMPEO made an announcement that this so-called Pandemic was a LIVE EXERCISE on National Television and TRUMP told him “You Should Have Told Us.”

The ROCKEFELLER LOCK-STEP document released in May 2010, showed the entire PLANdemic was Planned and Scripted by the UNITED NATIONS World ‘HELL’TH Organization. EVENT 201 was a government TRAINING DRILL held by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation in October 18, 2019. Never forget that all Training Drills do not end up as False Flag Events, but ALL FALSE FLAG EVENTS START OFF WITH A TRAINING DRILL.

Since COVID-19 Test Kits were indisputably manufactured and sold as early as three years before the pandemic, WE KNOW FOR SURE THAT Covid-19 DNA/RNA Altering GMO Vaccine has been TOO. We know the PLANdemic /SCAMdemic is FAKE, so what does that tell us about these Test Kits and the Planned Mandatory Vaccination?

The test kits and vaccinations are not being used to test for or prevent a Flu Virus that is well proven to NOT BE DANGEROUS, so YOU BEST SAY NO TO TESTING AND TO VACCINATIONS, which are a major part of this FALSE FLAG EVENT.

There is no redemption in this life for those who committed crimes against humanity and SOLD THEIR SOULS TO THE ILLUMINATI’S NEW WORLD ORDER AGENDA by staging and backing this event. They must pay with their own lives after being tried by military tribunals!!!

The Government can NEVER be the solution to the problem because THEY ARE THE PROBLEM! People need to WAKE UP and start doing research. Governments are MIND CONTROL ORGANIZATIONS run by politicians who by and large have sold out their constituents for 30-pieces of silver.

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