Elon Musk’s Final Warning: It May Already Be Too Late!

What could cause one of the world’s richest and most powerful men to fear for his own future and the future of humanity?

The Brain Of The Beast: Google Reveals The Computers Behind The Cloud

October 17, 2012 8:26 AM ET Heard on Morning Edition

Google’s data center in Council Bluffs, Iowa, houses servers in over 115,000 square feet of space. Connie Zhou/Google

The caption and photo above were taken from a news article that appeared nearly 20 years ago. At that time, Google had huge data centers all over the world. Imagine how much Google has expanded in nearly 20-years since that time! Quoted from that article:

“What strikes you immediately is the scale of things. The room is so huge you can almost see the curvature of Earth on the end. And wall to wall are racks and racks and racks of servers with blinking blue lights and each one is many, many times more powerful and with more capacity than my laptop. And you’re in the throbbing heart of the Internet. You really feel it.”

“Google has a lot of servers — Levy reports 49,923 in Lenoir alone. The total worldwide number eludes even Google’s executives, but there have been at least 1 million cumulatively, according to a plaque Levy found on the premises.”

“Google is not the only company with massive computer networks. In 2006, Microsoft built a giant data center on 75 acres of bean fields in Quincy, Wash. Yahoo and Dell, among other companies, have also set up data centers in Quincy.”

“But Google’s data center technology is unique, Levy says, which is partly responsible for the company’s success — and a cause for the secrecy surrounding it.”

“Google’s servers have been getting progressively faster and cheaper, and even now the company has plans to completely change the basics of the system in places like Lenoir. But the specifics of those changes will remain secret — at least for now.”

It boggles the imagination to even consider how big and how powerful Google and other Big Tech companies are today. No wonder President Trump expressed grave concern on numerous occasions about the power these companies have over our lives and our freedom.

They have used their money and their power to create a new god called Artificial Intelligence. This is no doubt the “Beast” or at least the “Brain” of the Beast described in the Book of Revelations. “But surely there will be human oversight” you say! Then I ask you, “How much oversight did you get when you were told to wear a mask? How much oversight did you get when they told you to quarantine indoors? How much oversight did you get when they told you to close your businesses and your churches? How much oversight did you get when they told you what you can say and what you cannot say? How much oversight will you get when they tell you to bring in all of your guns?”

“God, give us the courage to do our part in exposing this evil.”

At the risk of being politically incorrect and the risk of having others make fun of you, it is time to draw a line in the sand and say, NO LONGER WILL I TOLERATE THE ABUSES OF APPOINTED AND N0N-APPOINTED LEADERS WHO HAVE SOLD THEIR SOULS TO THE DEVIL AND WANT TO TAKE ME WHERE THEY ARE GOING! Please Share!

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