God Will Not Be Mocked! Young Pastor DIES Not Long After Promoting and Receiving Moderna Vaccine Made From Murdered Babies!

Wednesday, April 28, 2021 by: Lance D Johnson
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Image: Young pastor DIES not long after receiving, promoting Moderna’s experimental vaccine protocol

(Natural News) In February, a 44-year-old pastor from New Jersey got in front of the cameras at a news conference to advertise Moderna’s experimental covid-19 gene therapy ‘vaccines’. During the virtue-signaling, vaccine publicity stunt, she was interviewed by the New York Times and a local TV news outlet. Using classic doublespeak, she equated her “trust in God” to her trust in the vaccines, before rolling up her sleeve and submitting to the modern day false god.

Pastor dies after worshiping and pushing Moderna’s experimental vaccine protocol

Dr. Kimberly Credit was the Founder and Director of the Preaching Lab, a monthly preaching clinic where she coached and trained other preachers. She was the first female preacher at the Mount Zion Baptist Church in Boonton Township, New Jersey. When it came time to participate in vaccine experiments, Dr. Kimberly thought she knew what was best for all pastors and church congregants, especially African Americans. It turned out she did not know what was best for her own body because two months later, the young pastor suddenly passed away.

Dr. Kimberly Credit spoke out publicly on Facebook, promoting faith in vaccines:

As a leader, I want to lead by example especially for Pastors and the African American community. Got my first vaccine dose today. Thank you to Pastor Joe Carter for his leadership in pulling Black Clergy together and for allowing me to pray live for our news outlets. Thank you New York Times and Channel 2 News for interviewing me.

In March, Dr. Kimberly received the next injection of the experimental Moderna vaccine protocol. Online she projected positivity about the shots, but it wouldn’t be long before her positivity and trust in vaccines faded away to a harrowing end. The day before her life was cut significantly short, she was promoting an online event for her Preaching Lab podcast. During the promotion, she gave an indication that she was fatigued and needed to get a nap in. She didn’t wake up.

“Suddenly, without warning, Rev. Dr. Kimberly Credit peacefully entered eternal rest on April 5, 2021,” read her obituary. Everyone who was waiting for her live-stream event on Facebook was horrified that night when they learned that she passed away suddenly with no explanation.

Some churches are being converted into vaccine worship centers, as faith in vaccines becomes religion

Many Christian churches have participated in lock downs since the beginning and implemented strict controls on their congregants during the covid-19 scandal. Now, some of these churches are becoming vaccination centers as their pastors become propagandists for the vaccine death-cult industry. Separation of church and state has been replaced with a Big Pharma – Big Tech – Big Government, and Corporate Church merger, a Beast that threatens the liberty and dignity of all people, while subjecting their minds to fear and submission to coercive bodily requirements and medical experimentation.

In California, the recalled dictator, Gavin Newsom, is partnering with two hundred “faith based” organizations to set up “pop up” vaccine clinics. What were once reverent temples, full of faith-driven Christians, are slowly being converted to government and vaccine worship centers. Around the world, Christians are stripped of their rights to assemble and worship God, and now churches are participating in the godless takeover of Christianity, where people are threatened with shutdown and inoculation requirements in order to participate in society.

Some churches are giving in to this Beast, accepting money from the state to offer “COVID-19 education, testing and vaccination access” in their church buildings. In California, thirteen places of worship have already been converted to pop-up vaccine clinics, as their church leadership bows to a false god. Another fifteen mobile clinics have popped up at churches in Los Angeles and Oakland, as FEMA uses pastors to deliver an instrument of control, of genetic modification and genocide. No one is turning over the tables at these churches, either as the gambling away of life and liberty continues to expand. The buying, selling and submission to vaccines continues unimpeded in what were once considered temples of God.

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