INTEL – Why Trump Fenced Off DC and Moved Out Never to Return to the White House?

Posted By: Mr.Ed

What is Maritime Law?

8kun Jan 20, 2021

Washington DC, Westminster, the Vatican and also the UN.

Known as Independent city/states which together create “The Empire of the City”, but it is really the Empire of the Global Estate Trust!

“This was just shared with me:

Why Trump fenced off DC and why he moved out and is never going back to the White House?

And why there will be a NEW capital elsewhere.

Occupying a foreign land – The act of 1871 was a seditious act by the US government.

They secretly rewrote the constitution from “We the people” (by changing the capitalization on the document to all caps) which changed its legal binding meaning and transferred the power from “We the People”…to…”THE CORPORATION OF AMERICA”. (which was centered in Washington DC)

Washington DC is a ‘FOREIGN ENTITY’ on American soil of sovereign states. (it is not a state but a territory)

The 10 square miles of the District of Columbia (known as DC) belongs to the queen.

It was established after the US went bankrupt, through a loan from the Vatican when DC was transferred into a city/state and this corporate entity then ruled over the people.

Citizens rights got taken from them.

Nobody realized this.

When they did the broker deal to get the loan from the Vatican (via Bank of London) it came at a high price.

They transferred all of the property in DC Columbia to the
ownership and control to the corporate entity of DC.

Trump saw this coming long ago.

In 2018 he signed an Executive Order outlining how corporate assets would be seized via election fraud.

Finally the first seizures have begun.

With the 10 miles of razor wire fence (7′ tall containment area) the military have SEIZED CONTROL OF A FOREIGN COUNTRY. (DC)

That Executive Order was primarily directed at Washington DC.

The reason Trump is moving now is because he can’t rule a sovereign nation from a foreign land. (which is where the White House is located)

Castle Lock:

Once Trump exits the White House, the castle will be locked.

It will not be possible for a foreign leader to rule over a sovereign country, so therefore he must be locked out.

That would be Joseph Biden.

We are literally watching the reclamation of our republic.

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