Shopfreemart™ Living Minerals

ShopFreeMart Living Mineral product is rich in bioactive carbon that comes from humic and fulvic acids. The body is pretty much made up of water and carbon. Carbon provides building blocks for all of our cells and comprises approximately 96% of molecules in the body. Mycotoxins are a protective covering to bacteria, mold, parasites, fungi, yeasts, and viruses that inhibit the effect of the human immune system as well as antibiotics. Bioactive carbon found in Living Minerals binds to mycotoxins heavy metals, environmental toxins and removes them from the body. It also kills parasites, which create a breeding ground for viruses.

Contain over 70 minerals and other nutrients that the body needs in order to function properly and to heal itself. Fulvic acid, one of the active ingredients, is actually smaller than a nano molecule, and therefore crosses all barriers in the body including the blood-brain barrier and can carry nutrients to virtually every cell and every tissue throughout the body. Fulvic acid is also the most powerful detoxifier that we know about and dissolves waste buildup in your system.

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