Pure Silver Concentrate

Nature’s Antibiotic

Silver has a long tradition of being Nature’s Antibiotic. Unlike patent drugs, disease causing microbes cannot develop an immunity to Silver is known to kill viruses, bacteria, yeast, mold and fungus of all kinds. However, not all silver products are created equally and FreeMart PureSilver is in a class by itself!

Silver in Nutrition

Nobody is talking about silver as a nutrient that we need in our daily diet, but it is. Free-floating silver in the body helps remove a tremendous burden from the immune system by helping to keep unwanted disease causing microbes in check.

In order for this to happen in today’s world, a person must supplement regularly with silver due to the fact that our farm soils are virtually depleted of this precious mineral. This problem is not likely to be taken care of any time soon, due to the fact that it would cost a fortune to broadcast silver on all of our farmland.


Like all other minerals, Silver must be in the right isoform in order for it to be of any great value to the human system. FreeMart PureSilver is our trademarked brand consisting of 99.99+% pure Silver as bio-available nano particles dispersed and suspended in pure, pharmaceutical grade water. Our proprietary process not only makes PureSilver different from competitive brands, we have we reduced the size of the silver particles to their smallest possible size and after decades of using and selling other silver products, it is my opinion that there is no other silver product on the market that compares with FreeMart PureSilver concentrate.

One 2 oz. bottle of FreeMart PureSilver can be diluted down to make 2,000 bottles of another popular brand that I sold several years ago, costing you $50,000 plus the cost of shipping 2,000 heavy bottles of water.

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