PureDine Concentrate

Of all the elements essential for human health, iodine is the least understood and the most feared. Yet, iodine is the safest of all the essential trace elements. It is the only one that can be administered safely in high doses for long periods of time, as long as one understands how to adapt the dosage to his or her needs. Every individual is unique and will therefore require different amounts.

Could iodine be a silver bullet against disease that has been purposely obscured to enrich the so-called health care industry?

At one time, iodine was the remedy of choice in every hospital, every doctor’s office and every home medicine cabinet. Today, the only place that iodine is frequently used to treat disease is in veterinary clinics. Why do you suppose that is? Because animals have to be cured quickly and inexpensively, otherwise a pound of hamburger would cost you $60.

According to Lynne Farrow, author of The Iodine Crisis, iodine was the first treatment of choice for tumors and aggressive diseases of obscure origin during the 19th century. Farrow also says that the notion that refined iodized salt meets our daily needs for iodine is a dangerous misconception. According to the research of both Farrow and Brownstein, the amount of iodine in salt far too low and less that 10% of it gets absorbed by the body and many people today avoid refined salts due to their doctors saying it is bad for cardiovascular health.

The RDA given for iodine is 150mcg (micrograms, which equals 0.15mg). This amount may be able to prevent goiter, but it certainly is not enough to provide iodine for 37.2 trillion cells outside of the thyroid that all need iodine to function properly.

Seafood no longer a viable source of iodine

You would need to eat approximately four pounds of fresh seafood daily in order to meet your body’s total need for iodine, but much of the world’s marine life has been contaminated as a result of nuclear disasters at Fukushima, Three Mile Island and Chernobyl, not to mention radiation fallout from 2,053 nuclear explosions conducted from the 1940s to the 1990s and depleted uranium munitions illegally used in recent America’s wars.