Quest For Cures Episodes 1-9

Quest For Cures Ep-1

Hundreds of Cancer Cures have been hidden, doctors have been silenced, harassed, jailed and sometimes even murdered, all to hide miraculous cures that took money away from Big Pharma!

Quest For Cures Ep-2

This is a Must Watch & Share Video! It has been demonstrated that most Cancers today are a direct result of vaccines!

Quest For Cures Ep-3

Anti-Cancer Diet and Affordable Treatments

Quest For Cures Ep-4

Cancer Diets and Affordable Cancer Treatments

Quest For Cures Ep-5

Cancer fighting plants, herbs and spices

Quest For Cures Ep-6

How to Detox, Healing w Heat, Hidden Hazards, Halogens

Quest For Cures Ep-7

Juicing, ketosis, importance of oxygen and pet cancer

Quest For Cures Ep-8

Healing skin cancer, diagnostics, essential oils

Quest For Cures Ep-9

Survive and thrive from cancer, cancer survival stories


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