The evidence is clear: Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey must be arrested and charged with racketeering and treason

Friday, October 30, 2020 by: Lance D Johnson
Tags: Big Tech, Censorship, Jack Dorsey, racketeering, rigged, sociopaths, tech giants, Twitter
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Image: The evidence is clear: Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey must be arrested and charged with racketeering and treason

(Natural News) After years of dismissing Big Tech’s censorship of the independent press, Congress is finally taking it seriously now that Big Tech is censoring mainstream doctors and mainstream news agencies. Google, Twitter and Facebook have become so extreme with their politically-motivated censorship, the platforms now coordinate their attacks, targeting scientific and conservative topics in real time and eliminating them from social media discussion and distribution. This censorship suppresses public involvement in democracy and distorts the free flow of information. Their censorship has not only become outright election interference, but their suppression of information now aids and abets criminal acts committed exclusively by Democrats. When the platforms censored a bombshell New York Post report on Biden family corruption, Big Tech’s actions became criminal in nature.

Now Senate Republicans are issuing subpoenas to the CEOs of Silicon Valley, including Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey and Google CEO Sundar Pichai. Congressional Democrats cheer on the censorship as “eliminating misinformation” while Congressional Republicans see the censorship for what it is.

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey caught red-handed, must be indicted for racketeering and treason

When questioned by Texas Senator Ted Cruz, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey doubled down and said that the New York Post’s account will remain locked until the newspaper deletes their original tweet about Hunter Biden’s business dealings overseas. The censored report details how Hunter Biden arranged a meeting between him, his father and a Ukrainian gas executive in Washington.

A whistleblower who worked with the Biden’s for years came forward and attested that Joe Biden, the former vice president, was deeply involved in his son’s oversea affairs. He confirmed that the “Big guy” in the Hunter Biden emails is Joe Biden. Joe enjoyed kickbacks from his son’s foreign business deals, which included deals with Chinese firms that sought to influence American government. A Senate investigation of this whistleblower has confirmed all of the whistle blower’s allegations. Twitter’s suppression of the press and the subsequent investigation is therefore election interference and a criminal act.

Now that he has been caught red-handed, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey is trying to shift the blame onto the New York Post, saying they have to agree to Twitter’s “terms of service.” Dorsey rejected Cruz’s assertions that Twitter is attempting to censor the New York Post, even though account administrators have not been able to tweet since October 14.

Twitter CEO tries to escape legal and ethical responsibilities

“You’re still blocking their posts. … Can the New York Post post on their Twitter account?” asked Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) in his questioning of Dorsey during a virtual Senate Commerce Committee hearing. Dorsey supported the censorship because it fell under a “hacked materials policy” that Twitter developed in 2018, even though there is no evidence that the Post’s report was based on “hacked materials.”

Dorsey said the New York Post can tweet again if they log into their account and delete the original tweet “that fell under our original enforcement actions.” In other words, Dorsey is making the New York Post take blame for violating Twitter’s policies, essentially releasing Twitter from all ethical and legal responsibilities for their October 14th censorship of the news agency.

After public outcry, Twitter decided to relinquish their strangle-hold on the New York Post by changing their policy on the matter. This is how Twitter plans to abscond from their illegal actions: wait until the public calls them out on it. This means that Twitter and the rest of Big Tech will get to censor anyone they want as long as the censored topic is unpopular with the public. If the censored topic does not garner enough public backlash, it will remain censored. How much evidence of political corruption will Big Tech be able to hide?

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