This How We Save Ourselves From The Vaccine Mongers

If you are a living man or woman, nobody tells you what to do without your consent. You always have a choice!

Send a Certified Letter (return receipt requested) to your employer, government agency, corporation or company entitled:

Notice of Potential Violation of Rights.

To Whom It May Concern:

You made me an offer that may be in violation of my rights protected by the Constitution and which could potentially make you financially liable at law for any damages that result from said violation of my rights.

Your offer to me stated…
that you would fire me if I do not get the jab
that I cannot dine in your restaurant unless I get the jab
that my child can’t go to school without getting the jab
that I cannot fly on your airline unless I get the jab, etc.
I would be happy to get the jab…
if you can prove there is zero chance that I could be injured
if you can prove that the shot cures anything
if you can prove that the shot prevents anything
if you can prove that nobody has been injured by taking it
if you can prove that nobody has died as a result of taking it
if you can show me the safety trials on both animals and humans
if you can show that the FDA approved it for anything other than emergency use
and you acknowledge in writing, signed in front of a Notary, that you take full responsibility for any damages done to me or my body.

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