Welcome Home Snowden

x22 report

“Truth has nothing to do with how many people are convinced of it.”

For a long time, the Deep State/MSM have been spinning Russian collusion stories, but this has failed because people are now seeing that it was all a lie.

People are also waking up to the fact that masks do nothing to stop the coronavirus. They are waking up to the fact that the lockdowns were part of a Deep State agenda to destroy the economy and prevent President Trump from being re-elected.

They are also waking up to the fact that Antifa and the radical Black Lives Matter are together a Soros backed, attempted takeover of our Constitutional Republic.

They also now know that Antifa and Black Lives Matter are intertwined with the Democratic Party and Chinese CCP and that Joe Biden and the Democrats receive money from both.

Now what they need to understand is that Trump has taken control of the Federal Reserve (Rockefeller Private Bank) and he is creating money to pay off the National Debt and remove Chinese control over our economy. Once that is finished, he will kick the Federal Reserve out of the United States once and for all and the Rockefeller owned Federal Reserve Bank will be left holding the bag.

Now Trump has declared a tax holiday, which means people who are working will be taking home a lot more money. This is perhaps the best way to stimulate the economy without bailing out corrupt governors and mayors who have purposely destroyed their own economies.

You may also have noticed that Trump is keeping mail-in voting in the spotlight. Does he something up his sleeve? He usually does, which means the election will be protected. The patriots are now about to add another piece to the storm as it appears it is time to bring Snowden into the show.

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