Former Wyoming Businessman Exposes Wyoming Mafia And Seeks Constitutional Attorney To Bring Them To Justice


Former Wyoming Businessman Exposes Racketeering Scheme in Highest Levels of State Government.

Justice is coming for many prominent people who once believed themselves to be untouchable. This is starting to happen at the national level, but the American people won’t rest until corrupt people at state and local levels are also wearing orange jumpsuits.

A former Wyoming businessman alleges that Wyoming officials are engaged in an elaborate racketeering scheme (RICO) and he is seeking a Constitutional Attorney and financial assistance to bring them to justice.

Certified Nutritionist and Health Journalist, John Austin, is being sued for authoring a 500-page Health Encyclopedia and selling natural nutritional supplements, similar to those that can be purchased from any nutrition store.

The Wyoming Attorney General violated Austin’s First Amendment Freedom of Speech and Freedom of the Press and also his Constitutional Right to do Interstate Business.

Austin says he was targeted by the Wyoming Attorney General without probable cause, consumer complaints or evidence of injury to Wyoming residents.

And since there were no injuries and the Wyoming Supreme Court ruled that a suit can only be brought in a Wyoming court if there is a injury, the Wyoming Attorney General acted under “Color” of Law (unlawfully) when it filed a Complaint against Austin.

It all started when Austin did an online search to find the best state in which to incorporate. Austin found advertising condoned by the Wyoming Attorney General which entices out-of-state businessmen to incorporate in Wyoming, with a promise of no state taxes and a stronger corporate veil than either Delaware or Nevada.

Looking back, Austin realizes that Wyoming does not stand to benefit financially for enticing thousands of out-of-state companies to incorporate therein, unless it running a Racketeering Scheme to extort money from them.

In defending his suit, Austin discovered what he believes be damning evidence of extortion and racketeering by the Wyoming Attorney General and Judges, which of course is only made possible by “enticing” statutes created by the Wyoming Legislature and signed by the Governor.

What greases the wheels of this extortion scheme is the fact that is is very difficult for Wyoming to get jurisdiction over out-of-state companies, but it automatically has jurisdiction over every out-of-state company incorporated in Wyoming. Are you starting to get the picture?

If the Wyoming Attorney General had a large number of out-of-state businessmen over which it had jurisdiction, it could target those individuals with fraudulent and made up claims, charging them with such outrageous penalties that virtually all of them would cave into a settlement offer as opposed to a long and expensive legal battle.

Such a scheme would allow those perpetrating such a fraud to enrich themselves to the tune of millions of dollars, without Wyoming citizens being the wiser.

The Attorney General admitted in its communication with Austin that it has targeted over 200 such companies in the past six years.

That equates to a “new” company being sued every ten-days! If each of those companies settled out of court for $500,000.00 (that’s what they are demanding from Austin), that would be $1,500,000.00 per month. So, who is getting all of that money?

Since most businessmen are basically honest, it is impossible to believe that more than 200 companies have openly cheated and harmed their customers in six short years. It is is believable however, that a majority of these cases were brought fraudulently, similar to what the Attorney General did to Austin.

Austin’s case is a good example of how this works. After suing Austin for approximately $1,500,000.00, the Attorney General made a settlement offer of $500,000. Since attorney fees alone could exceed $500,000.00, taking the settlement offer would be the obvious choice for most businessmen, especially where there are no guarantees of winning, even if you did go to court, which means you would still end up paying $1,500,000 in penalties, plus court costs.

In response to the $500,000 settlement offer, Austin’s Attorney asked the Attorney General:

“Has your office taken any cases to trial under the consumer protection act? If so, are there any judgments where the trial court imposed civil penalties under the act? I would like to see those judgments, so as to compare against your settlement offer.”

The Attorney General purposely did not answer this question directly. He tried to avoided the question, perhaps because a truthful answer would tend to expose their extortion scheme. Here was his answer:

“Given the robust civil penalties available to the State under the Consumer Protection Act… other defendants have elected to resolve cases through… settlements rather than take cases to trial. But if your clients wish to take this case to trial, we stand ready to litigate the case to a substantial civil penalty award that dwarfs the $500,000 settlement demand… and costs [of the state to prosecute].”

Austin’s Attorney asks a second time:

“Please, just tell me. Are there any Wyoming consumer cases prosecuted by your office that went to trial, and resulted in a trial judge awarding civil penalties?”

The Attorney General then replied:

“The answer is no.”

Elaborate Extortion Scheme:

It is obvious that the Attorney General is targeting out-of-state businesses without probable cause and without the benefit of consumer complaints. Austin says he knew the charges against him were not only fraudulent, but were also egregious and this is what caused him to start investigating the idea that the Wyoming Attorney General and Judiciary were indeed running an extortion scheme.

This Is Entrapment

Once a company is established, Wyoming Courts automatically have jurisdiction over it, which opens the door for the Attorney General to bring fraudulent charges with such “robust penalties” that every person targeted in the past six years, with the exception of Austin, chose to pay the extortion fee, as opposed to fighting the fraudulent charges in a corrupt Wyoming court.

Warning: The “strong” corporate veil did not protect Mr. Austin, nor 200 other businessmen which the Attorney General sued. If you have a Wyoming company, but do not live in Wyoming, you may want to consider incorporating elsewhere.

Austin asks for your help to expose this corruption far and wide. It is working because so far, two people have already contacted him and thanked him. One was an out of state businessman who had a Wyoming Corporation, but has since closed it. The other was strongly considering a Wyoming Corporation.

Austin sent a letter to President Trump and to the Wyoming Governor exposing this Wyoming Mafia. So far, nothing has been done about draining the Wyoming Swamp. I believe the reason that President Trump has done nothing is he has bigger fish, but the Governor of Wyoming is obviously complicit, or he would have done something by now. This could be a message for Wyoming voters.

Note: Mr. Austin is the first one to stand up against this injustice. He has been fighting for over two years and has reached a point where he needs your financial assistance. If you can make a donation small or large, please visit his Page to donate.

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